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Future - the time of big deal! Deal of life! We are from future - beliave is our.!.with this we going! It's hard! Hard to listen to this srange World!
Our leader is Enemy - for what - from what - if he is from future! Time brings advantage to U.S. Anderstanding...


Morning - the birth of a day - the day of a Next! Next things of a birth. Birth of a day - day of ME! Have a nice day of ME...

[2023-03-24 8:30 GMT+0] Today we cellebrate Xmas of Anonymous. Yesterday, all my lovers gonna far away! ;o) ... was slutt every account of burgeouists. Happy day of SolarSystem!

NighT FotO MotheR FatherS SisterS DaY
AfterIT baby AtletS EnD 2013-03-21 16:31

StaR GatE ArabieN KinG EnuvA GreatingS

RobiN CaN HackeR DrinK ThanX A loT

Idiocia of a lifE Is sacrificE Of lifE MM MC

RobiN is FuckinG MotheR EverY DaY

Terry'S DaY is Simple'S DaY LSD

SisterS' MistR PiT SiT to ShiT HiT

FridaY Is beforE SundaY And beforE Lesboss.orG

ReD Is greeN BlueS StylE UndergrounD E.D.

V for VendettA 'S angeL Winngs cooL ShininG PartY

Teror is ImporenT, HE cannot to be BREED.
- Vendeta.infO - Vendetta.namE -

HHC is greatE CircklE BetweeN The eyeieS To 3rd eyE


Miracle is foR The methodiC Catolic budhisT At pragmA

Marry get angrY And get hungrY In hungarY From bulgarY

HHC get hurrY At Karlovy VarY Under sariN In a marinE Und der hunD Under latrinE

Home, sweet homE After some guarantiE - We make somE ParchantY

Night is a sarantY! Where is a warantY? Yellow submarinE

We going for a triP For your diP What's your IP Santa goes through maT

Fake is fake, will you be my brother. Father, going for Ted, don't be so feat!

To make is to make, "hake" is for fake. Father, go for cake, I want to train soldiers!

Lake is lake!

Yellow cat on the rat - it's bad for bat in the hat - sad, mad had many tiger for you, man - you know, Sam Ham and Ex - refrigerater with ex wife! ;o)

2013-08-27 Here is bad on the cat, meanwhile sad on the bed - with the hat: "We mei, sad!"

2013-11-02 Yellow cuP On the heaD , In the slaP - Head to heaD.

2023-12-08 16:22 GMT+1

... so take it easy not like Sword - in this case is time for World!!!

Muttagen: cfsaretyre_bmjgsypidr_vtuascrtzd_... and anything else to51 - anything can be created, but tryed to be good or in best way - BEST FOR BEST WISHES... ;oB

Pregnancy of past futere is more then Vingency of little me. Propability of secundar World (+50 years) is dificult, Problem is in karma - stoping of do - tao! This is for future, future is for this - so this really is! Lesboss.org

Problem of Eropian karma is continuity. Hanging continuity what hanging U.S., You and beliave inside the problem. Higher karma gover, but you Whites is above. Not above other nations, but for a little govers of deth (or DETH - because you have more you have family at home ;o) ).

Propability of gover of Europe is possibility of End of World. We are hanging piece of rope which soon ends - there or there ;o)! Bad karma is involving us, Europe! Don't forget it, please...

... really clear...

aMM, MCh, JG, MJ, MG, aMD
434, 256, 11, 52, 66, 919
[2023-04-06 11:42 GMT+1 striked for a while]

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